Product Update – Recent Improvements – June 2022

Andrew Levey

On 27th June 2022 • 6 min read

It’s been a busy year for Deepcrawl already! Not only did we launch the new User Interface at the beginning of the year, but we’ve also recently launched our brand new Monitor Hub, and started rollout of our enhanced crawler. But there have been a few other improvements we’ve made to the Analytics Hub over the last few months, as well as fixing a few things that might have been a tad frustrating for our users.

New Project Views

We’ve added a couple of new project views, to help you navigate around Deepcrawl projects and crawls:

Deepcrawl product update - Project views

Tasks Table

When you’ve created multiple tasks from a single report, it can be quite difficult to find the particular task you were looking for in Task Manager. We’ve therefore added the ability to filter the tasks by the report that the task was created from. When in Task Manager, click in ‘Filter by Report’ and you’ll see the available reports where tasks have been created. We’ve also changed the default sort to by severity so Critical tasks appear at the top of the list, and added the ability to reorder the columns.

Deepcrawl product update - Filtering tasks

Custom Request Headers

Custom request headers can be useful to send cookie information for a site that may require a login, for authentication, or to trigger specific behavior from the website. Previously these had to be set through our API, but we’ve now added this as an option in the Advanced Settings in crawl setup (in step 4). You’ll find it in the Spider Settings section. 

Deepcrawl product update - Custom request header settings

Grid View

When the new user interface was launched, keen-eyed users noticed that the Grid View had mysteriously disappeared. We tracked it down, gave it a stern talking to, and have reinstated it in its proper place. In reports, you can now toggle the Grid View on and off as required once again.

Deepcrawl product update - Grid view toggle

Other Improvements

We’ve also taken the opportunity to add a few other improvements, plus fix a few of things that we’d heard were slightly frustrating for users. 


Coming Soon

Accounts Area Redesign

Obviously our priority for updating the user interface of Deepcrawl were the parts of the apps you’d be using on a regular basis, to make accessing and interpreting the insights as easy as possible. You may well have noticed that the Accounts area has continued to look remarkably like the old interface. We’re pleased to say that’s about to change! We’ll shortly be releasing the redesigned Accounts area, so you get a consistent experience across the platform. 

We’re also making a few other improvements along the way. For example, we’re making the credit usage screen sortable and filterable, and adding a download option to make it easier to understand your credit usage. We’re also reorganizing the options into a better flow, and adding labels to API keys so they’re easier to find. 

Single Login URL

Currently, you can log into our different hubs with a dedicated URL, and then switch between hubs from the left hand navigation. Once the new accounts area goes live, you’ll be able to log in from a single URL (


As always, we welcome any feedback you have to help us improve the Deepcrawl platform. You can do this very easily by clicking on the smiley face in the bottom left-hand corner of Analytics Hub.


Deepcrawl product update - Feedback GIF


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