This is Deepcrawl

Deepcrawl empowers the world’s leading brands to harness their full revenue potential through the one initiative most businesses overlook – technical SEO.


Our market-leading SaaS Technical SEO platform is used every day by thousands of enterprise businesses as well as all six major global group advertising agencies – including leading brands like Adobe, eBay, Microsoft, Twitch, Canva, and Paypal.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to empower businesses to bring SEOs, marketers, and engineers closer together, connecting the dots between often siloed SEOs and the wider business, and converging business operations to improve their website performance.


Our Leadership

Craig Dunham, CEO

Craig is responsible for all day-to-day operations at Deepcrawl and the overall success of the business. Before Deepcrawl, Craig was part of the executive leadership team at Seismic, helping to grow the company from a $15 million Series A valuation in 2013 to a $1.6 billion Series F valuation in 2020.

Shachar Radin Shomrat, Chief Marketing Officer

Shachar leads Deepcrawl’s marketing and demand generation operations. Shachar is a serial tech CMO, scaling tech companies since 2007. Before Deepcrawl, Shachar was the CMO at HubbleHQ, and CCO at Voxbone, which was recently acquired by Bandwidth for over $500M.

Alex Schaefer, Chief Customer Officer

Alex leads Deepcrawl’s value delivery organization. Alex has 10+ years of experience scaling startups in a range of Sales, Account Management, and Strategic Business Development capacities. Outside of his time in tech, he served in the Peace Corps and got an MBA from INSEAD

Michal Magdziarz, President, Chief Architect, and Co-founder

Michal provides strategic leadership to Deepcrawl as Chairman, drives innovation across the business’ product and engineering teams as Chief Architect, and served as Deepcrawl’s CEO until July 2021. Michal is an SEO industry doyen, and has worked in the industry since 2005.

Aundreia T. Heisey, VP, Strategy, and Operations

Aundreia leads Deepcrawl’s strategic programs across the go-to-market teams. Previously, Aundreia was a member of the Financial Services leadership team for five years at Seismic, leading their strategic initiatives across Product Marketing, Customer Success, and Product.

Ashley Berman Hale, VP, Professional Services

Ashley leads Deepcrawl’s all-star Professional Services team and has been involved in the technical SEO industry since 2003. She works across teams to ensure Deepcrawl is the best technical SEO platform while supporting our customers to achieve search success. She is motivated by creating a better, safer, and more accessible internet for everyone.

Ali Habibzadeh, Chief Technology Officer

Ali joined Deepcrawl in 2015 and leads the business’ tech and engineering teams. Ali has a wealth of experience in web technologies and martech and has been part of every Deepcrawl investment round representing tech, engineering team scaleup, and platform improvements.

Matt Jones, Chief Information Officer, and Co-founder

Matt is co-founder of Deepcrawl and led the development of the software. Before Deepcrawl, Matt was co-founder and Lead Developer at Semetrical, an SEO consultancy, where he built sophisticated SEO tools to power client analysis.

Monica Lay, VP of People Operations

Monica is VP of People Operations at Deepcrawl. She joined as HR manager two years ago following eight years in HR at a Management Consultancy. She spends her time implementing initiatives to improve employee engagement, talent attraction, and employee relations.

Panos Savopoulos, VP, Global Sales

Panos leads Deepcrawl’s global sales, revenue operations, and sales engineering. Previously, Panos was Regional Vice President at Oracle where he led sales for Oracle’s Loyalty Technology solution.

Erin Demster, VP, Customer Success

Erin’s mission is to ensure that clients reach their SEO and website health goals through partnering with Deepcrawl’s Customer Success team. Prior to Deepcrawl, she spent six years at content-focused SaaS platform Seismic, where she helped elevate customer success as a key differentiator for the brand.

Joanna Obstawska, VP, Delivery

Joanna is Deepcrawl’s arbiter of agile and has over a decade of experience working in delivery-based roles across a number of successful startups. Joanna spends her time at Deepcrawl working alongside the engineering and product teams to ensure the smooth delivery of releases.

Our Values

Our core values run through everything we do at Deepcrawl, whether we’re developing our product, delighting our customers, or celebrating our collective success.

We are agile

  • We challenge ourselves; learn, adapt and move forward
  • We develop customer-focused solutions that set the standard
  • We make things better today than they were yesterday
  • We recognize quick decisions and results, over deliberation and hesitation
  • We are tenacious and not afraid to fail

We work as one team

  • We share knowledge, expertise and communicate effectively across our teams, departments, and customers
  • We respect our people and appreciate the job they do
  • We are not afraid to ask for help
  • We listen to, understand, and consider all points of view
  • We actively seek constructive feedback and we give it with positive intent

We get s*** done

  • We set clear objectives and hold ourselves and our colleagues accountable for achieving them
  • We deliver on time
  • We recognize and solve problems before they escalate
  • We acknowledge our mistakes – learn and share
  • We take the initiative and lead by example
  • We are committed to bridging the gap between SEO and Engineering

We make an impact

  • We make a positive difference in how our business operates and the value we provide to our customers
  • We measure everything we do in terms of the real impact it has on our customers and the business
  • We find opportunities to go beyond what’s expected of us
  • We create an inclusive working environment where people feel safe, respected, and valued

...and we make it fun!

Powered by Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging

We live by our culture. Together, we’re building a platform that we all collectively believe in, and a strong, diverse team of smart, curious people who want to grow and support each other.

We are collectively committed to fostering an environment where everyone can experience a sense of belonging. We recognize that a meaningful commitment to inclusion and belonging requires an ongoing focus on individual behaviors and organizational change.

We’re hiring in the US, UK, and Europe.

Grow your Career. Make our mission happen. Wherever you are in the world.

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