Deep App Links

Deep app linking is used to send users straight to the app version of a site, if it is available, once they click on a search result. For example, sending users straight to a social media app, rather than linking to the mobile site. Within our Hangout Notes we cover further insights into deep app links, with guidance for the implementation and best practice use of these, along with their SEO impact.

Avoid Redirecting Users From Mobile Sites to an App

May 15, 2018 Source

When redirecting from your mobile site to an app, make sure that users are able to access your site’s content normally from the search results. John recommends adding a banner to help users navigate to your app by choice.

Algorithms Exist/ed to Check App and Webpage Content Equivalent

September 5, 2017 Source

Google has (or had) a number of algorithms set up to double check to make sure content app content is equivalent webpage content. John recommends using Firebase for app indexing wher can submit support questions.

Deep Linked App Pages Should Match Desktop Pages

July 7, 2017 Source

The content on your deep linked app pages should match the content on the desktop pages.

Only use indexable canonical URLs for app deep links

September 11, 2015 Source

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