Published on 15th June 2022 by Deepcrawl Editorial Team

Announcing Ultra-Fast Crawl Speed & New Crawler Enhancements in DeepcrawlNew Ultra Fast Crawl Speeds and Crawler Enhancements in Deepcrawl

This summer, Deepcrawl is rolling out the latest version of our market-leading website crawler — now featuring record-breaking crawl speeds of up to 450 URLs per second for non-rendered content and 350 URLs per second for JavaScript-rendered content.  

For enterprise websites housing hundreds of thousands (or millions) of pages, the introduction of ultra-fast crawling in Deepcrawl is a major, time-saving boon for SEO, digital marketing, and developer teams.

In addition to adding ultra-fast crawl speed, increased flexibility in data collection is also built into this latest crawler release. The information that can be captured in website crawls has been expanded beyond traditional technical SEO metrics, paving the way for new built-in metrics and reporting options within the Deepcrawl platform. Presently, users have access to 250 built-in reports as well as the ability to design their own custom extractions to collect data on any website element they specify. The added flexibility in data collection allows for new use cases to be developed via Deepcrawl’s crawler, with a recently released GraphQL API providing easy implementation for developers. 


Why is sophisticated crawling software important?

Crawling software is a foundational element of SEO and website intelligence platforms. It traverses a website’s pages to collate the raw data required for sophisticated website analytics and serves as the crucial first step in understanding and optimizing a website’s technical health and search performance.  


The newest developments in Deepcrawl’s website crawler

Our latest crawler version is the fastest, most scalable, most flexible website crawling system on the market. To sum things up, the enhanced crawler offers:


Deepcrawl's website crawler offers ultra fast crawling speeds

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