Best Practice

19th February 2016 • 4 min read

How to Identify Thin or Poor-Quality Content for Google Panda

An SEO’s work is never done… just when you thought you were finished with Penguin audits, backlink audits and endless…

Best Practice

19th February 2016 • 14 min read

Cleaning and Building New Taxonomies

Improving the way you organize your products or content is one of the easiest and most effective ways to expand…

Best Practice

28th September 2015 • 12 min read

Canonical Tags: Easy Dos and Don’ts

So you know about canonical tags. And you know you should be using them. But, with so much information out…

Best Practice

28th August 2015 • 11 min read

7 Duplicate Content Issues You Need to Fix Now

We all know that we shouldn’t be copying content from other websites. But did you know that duplicate content can…

Best Practice

14th August 2015 • 14 min read

A Guide to URL Design & Optimization

On the road to URL optimization nirvana, there is a power struggle that must first be overcome. Your URLs must…

Best Practice

14th August 2015 • 8 min read

Expired Content for SEOs

All websites have their own ‘churn and change’ frequency: a homepage might change once a month, a blog might update…

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