Easily spot changes & technical SEO trends —
across all your domains & projects

Deepcrawl’s SEO Monitor Hub gives you a high-level view of multiple domains and the most vital sections of your websites in one place. Focus your attention and take action on issues impacting your website health and organic search performance, before they become critical traffic-draining mistakes.


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Take action with customizable alerts and a global view.

Staying on top of multiple domains (or a vast enterprise website) is no easy feat. With customizable Smart Alerts and a scannable view of all your domains and vital sections of your site in one place, Monitor Hub allows you to easily spot both sudden changes and ongoing trends—and take quick action when you need to.

Focus attention

See where to focus your SEO and website health efforts with a high-level view of all domains or site sections in one place.

Take swift action

Act quickly with customizable alerts delivered in-app, or via push notifications to email, Slack or Teams. Smart Alerts automatically update thresholds to remove manual admin and keep notifications on point.

Avoid noise

Customizable dashboard views allow you to focus on the most relevant data for your unique needs.

Spot SEO & site health trends

Easily see when a metric is moving in the wrong direction and compare performance for specific metrics across multiple projects or sites.

Prove website investment cases

Use data from spikes and trends as evidence to secure buy-in for website improvements.

Save time on data analysis

Spot issues and trends right from the Deepcrawl platform. No need to download and manipulate data in spreadsheets.

monitor technical SEO trends across multiple domains with Monitor Hub

Save time managing multiple sites

Simplify the management of multiple domains or projects in one place, customized to the data that matters most. Easily compare performance by overlaying projects for a specific metric.

Protect website traffic and revenue

Get notified as soon as a critical metric passes a specific threshold or meets certain criteria, so you can take action fast.

Prioritize and focus your resources

Quickly identify where to spend time and effort with a global view of critical website data. Make sure your resources are focused on the most important work. 

Improve collaboration

Monitor Hub provides a single source of truth for tracking site metrics and trends, helping SEO and development teams work together on identifying where to invest their energy.

Our people are your people

Want customized guidance and recommendations based on your site monitoring & analytics? Deepcrawl’s Professional Services team—consisting of some of the world’s best technical SEOs—has the expertise and experience to work as an extension of your team, ensuring our platform has a meaningful, strategic impact on your business. 

Technical SEO consultants on Deepcrawl's Professional Services team

Grow your organic traffic and revenue with Deepcrawl’s SEO Monitor Hub

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