Best Practice

19th February 2016 • 4 min read

How to Identify Thin or Poor-Quality Content for Google Panda

An SEO’s work is never done… just when you thought you were finished with Penguin audits, backlink audits and endless…

Best Practice

19th February 2016 • 10 min read

A 4-step landing page audit with DeepCrawl and Google Analytics

Any page on your site has potential to become a user’s first port of call on your site, whether it’s…

Best Practice

11th February 2016 • 7 min read

Using Google Analytics to Track Googlebot

Generally, web servers keep a log of every single request received in a log file. The web server log files…

Best Practice

16th November 2015 • 16 min read

12 SEO issues and practices that Google will penalize you for

The word ‘penalty’ gets banded about so much in the SEO community that it’s sometimes hard to keep up with…

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