Required Resources: What You’ll Need to Implement a Strong SEO Plan in 2022


Learn exactly what resources you’ll need to build and enact a robust SEO plan in 2022.

What’s inside:

  • Key suggestions for SEO resource planning
  • Resource #1: People. What should your SEO team structure look like? What roles do you need in place to enable site-wide improvements for organic search?
  • Resource #2: Expertise in the 3 types of SEO. How to build resources for technical SEO, on-site SEO, and off-site SEO.
  • Resource #3: The right SEO platforms and tools. How should you choose the best SEO tools for your business? What kind of efficiencies can you expect from SEO platforms?
  • Resource #4: Patience. SEO isn’t a ‘quick win’, but it provides ongoing, long-term results. What kind of timelines can you expect when making website changes for search engine optimization?
Cover - Required Resources for SEO

While organic search is not a paid marketing channel and does not incur costs in the same manner, implementing a strong SEO plan in 2022 will still require some investment in people, platforms, and time in order to get the best results. So, what resources do you need in place to support a strong SEO plan? This eBook outlines key considerations for resource planning when it comes to SEO.


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