Say hello to the new era of SEO automation

Deepcrawl’s SEO Automation Hub is a revolutionary new technology that uses more than 200 automated SEO tests to uncover potentially painful SEO errors before code’s pushed live to your website — so that you and your team can use the time you’d usually spend fixing bugs on more meaningful, strategic work.


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Protect your site’s technical health

Ensuring code released to your site aligns with technical SEO best practices can be a pain — especially when engineers release code without consulting you first, and you’re time-strapped.

With Deepcrawl’s SEO Automation Hub, we alleviate the pain. Our technology allows you and your developers to automatically prevent SEO errors before it’s too late — in one easy-to-use, easy-to-integrate, enterprise-scale platform.

Automation Hub - Test suite runs

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Prevent code releases from impacting your online revenue

Making sure your site is technically sound is critical to driving revenue through search. But code not checked for SEO can often lead to reduced visibility, conversions, and revenue.

Deepcrawl’s SEO Automation Hub will help to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Benefits for SEO Teams

  • Prevent SEO errors from being released
  • Reduce the time spent on labour intensive manual QA tasks so you can focus more on strategic initiatives
  • Drive an SEO centric culture by integrating it within the release pipeline

Benefits for QA Teams

  • Speed up QA Process
  • Perform full SEO QA analysis on any code that is scheduled for release
  • Reduce time spent testing for SEO issues

Benefits for Engineering Teams

  • Direct integration into CI/CD pipelines
  • Reduce impact on the production environment
  • Reduce development costs

Benefits for DevOps/Release Management Teams

  • Enable faster development cycles
  • Prevent likelihood of rollbacks
  • Save costs on fixing bugs

Start protecting your site from preventable errors with Deepcrawl's SEO Automation Hub

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