Connect your SEO data for complete context — whichever BI tools you use

Deepcrawl Connect enables you to integrate data from Deepcrawl’s SEO Analytics Hub to business intelligence, reporting, data lake, and data science tools so that you can easily report the positive impact of technical SEO improvements to the people with the purse strings.


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Show leaders the impact of tech SEO, in a format they understand

SEOs need to prove our work leads to greater revenue and business improvement in order to have a bigger stake in decision-making.

With Deepcrawl Connect, you can. Connect your technical SEO data using our BigQuery and Google Data Studio connectors and show executives the real business impact of tech SEO.

All your data, connected

Wherever your business collects, analyzes, and visualizes data, we make it simple to connect Deepcrawl’s technical SEO insights using BigQuery and Google Data Studio.

Our connectors enable you to integrate SEO Analytics Hub with business intelligence tools like Looker, Tableau, and PowerBI, connect your data with data lakes such as Azure and Tealium, automatically send your Deepcrawl data to data science tools like Python Pandas, Jupyter, and Dataiku, and visualize your success in Google Data Studio.

Create custom apps using our API

Our API gives you the freedom to write applications that make the most of Deepcrawl’s great features. Use your favorite programming language and platform in your own environment for complete flexibility.

Our API uses GraphQL to simplify integrations and give you greater flexibility. It means integrations can request any of the available Deepcrawl data, rather than what’s been made available, which means quicker queries and easier integrations. It also means a single API for integration with our current, and future, apps.

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