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13th December 2021 • 11 min read

Crawling vs Indexing Controls for SEO: Which Signals to Use (& When)

Crawling vs Indexing Controls for SEO: Which Signals to Use When Optimizing your site’s crawlability and indexability is fundamental for…

Best Practice

8th July 2019 • 6 min read

Robots.txt Noindex Update: Everything SEOs Need to Know

Update: As of 1st September 2019, Google will be retiring all code that handles unsupported and unpublished rules in robots.txt…

Best Practice

24th January 2019 • 6 min read

Common Robots.txt Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Robots.txt is a critical tool in an SEO’s arsenal, which is used to establish rules that instruct crawlers and robots…

Best Practice

17th September 2015 • 13 min read

Noindex, Nofollow & Disallow

The three words above might sound like SEO gobbledegook, but they are definitely words worth knowing, since understanding how to…

Best Practice

10th August 2015 • 13 min read

Sitemap Audits and Advanced Configuration

While Google and other search engines are getting better at finding pages on their own, Sitemaps can help by giving…

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