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With crawl speeds of up to 450 URLs/second for non-rendered pages and 350 URLs/second for JavaScript-rendered pages, we’ve built the fastest crawler on the market today.


Our crawler is the cornerstone of Deepcrawl’s website intelligence and technical SEO platform — and it’s consistently upgraded and enhanced with new releases to ensure fast, accurate, scalable crawls, and alignment with the latest search engine developments.


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Crawling software is a foundational aspect of SEO and website intelligence platforms — like Deepcrawl’s Analytics Hub, Monitor Hub, and Automation Hub. Website crawlers traverse a website’s pages to collate the raw data required for sophisticated website analytics and serve as the first step in understanding and optimizing a website’s technical health and organic search performance.  

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Ultra-fast website crawling

Deepcrawl’s site crawler leverages best-in-class serverless architecture design to drastically enhance website crawling speeds. For enterprise websites housing hundreds of thousands (or millions) of pages, Deepcrawl’s ultra-fast crawling provides a major, time-saving boon for SEO, digital marketing, and developer teams, who previously could have waited days for a full website crawl to complete. Our latest crawler release allows for crawl speeds of up to 450 pages per second (and 350 pages per second for rendered content)—that’s very fast!   

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Flexible & customizable crawling

Our crawler offers extensive flexibility in data collection. The information that can be captured in Deepcrawl crawls expands beyond traditional technical SEO metrics, paving the way for new built-in metrics and reporting options within the Deepcrawl platform. Users have access to 250 built-in reports in Deepcrawl’s Analytics Hub, 200+ automated tests in Automation Hub, and the ability to design countless custom extractions to collect data on just about any aspect of your website you can imagine. This flexibility allows for new use cases to be developed via Deepcrawl’s crawler, with our recently released GraphQL API providing easy implementation for developers.

Close alignment with the latest Google Search behaviors

Deepcrawl’s crawling technology is built to align with Google’s own search engine crawling behaviors. We regularly release new versions of our crawler to Deepcrawl users, helping to ensure website teams get an accurate, up-to-date picture of how search engines view their domains. 


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Improved rendering & parsing

Accurately identify rendering issues that may impact search performance. Our crawler takes full advantage of Google’s industry-leading rendering and parsing engine to ensure JavaScript-rendered pages are viewed in line with search engines’ own capabilities and users can accurately identify rendering issues that may impact their search performance.

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